Bullfinch - couple

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Now you can buy both of these beautiful glass birds. The birds can also be purchased individually (male / female).


A great gift idea! Of course, the birds are carefully wrapped so that they are not damaged during transport.

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Blackbird (glass)(28)32,75 £
Blue Tit (glass)(78)32,75 £
Bullfinch - couple(88)56,95 £ - 9,00 £65,50 £
Bullfinch (glass)(73)32,75 £
Bullfinch (glass)(33)32,75 £
Dipper (glass)(14)32,75 £
Goldcrest (glass)(15)32,75 £
Goldcrest (glass)(77)32,75 £
Goldfinch (glass)(16)32,75 £
Great Tit (glass)(35)32,75 £
Jay (glass)(79)32,75 £
Kingfisher (glass)(43)32,75 £
Lapwing (glass)(19)32,75 £
Pheasant (glass)(41)32,75 £
Robin (glass)(71)32,75 £
Wagtail (glass)(61)32,75 £
Waxwing (glass)(14)32,75 £
Wren (glass)(40)32,75 £
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