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Bullfinches can be considered romantic birds. In nature, the male begins to approach the female towards the end of winter. At the top of a tree, he makes advances to the female by hopping sideways towards her. Usually, she moves away, but if she joins the game, they sit close to a branch. Sometimes, their beaks can touch each other, almost as if they're kissing. If they decide to form a pair, they stay together throughout the year and their entire lifetime.


We offer the opportunity to purchase the beautiful glass birds with a discount. If you'd rather buy them individually, you can certainly do so. These are Danish pieces of high-quality artisan craftsmanship. They are unique, handmade, and lifelike glass birds, sized at 12 × 5 cm.


The pair is a fantastic gift idea! The birds are naturally packaged carefully to prevent damage during transport.


Video. See the birds from all angles.




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