Jay (glass)

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This glass bird is Danish craftsmanship of the highest quality. The unique creation has been meticulously and lovingly handcrafted, brought to life through a refined technique that Danish artist Gitte Klarup has specialized in.


Each glass bird is a masterpiece in itself. Four precisely cut pieces of glass are arranged on an oven plate, and with skillful hands, powdered colored glass is carefully sprinkled over them. Then the glass is heated at an extreme temperature of 825 degrees Celsius for 16-18 hours. The forms meld together, giving life to a lifelike sculpture of a bird, which, after its hours in the oven, is ready to leave the nest.


Video. See the bird from all angles.



All glass birds are equipped with an elegant ring, which not only adds a decorative element but also makes it easy to hang the bird. When sunlight shines through the glass, the clear colors are highlighted, creating a play of light and shadows that brings the beauty of nature into your home.


Our glass birds are not only beautiful but also versatile. An obvious gift idea for birthdays and holidays, or perhaps as a gift for yourself, because you deserve it. They convey a sense of lightness and can adorn any corner of your home - from the living room to the garden. Each individual glass bird is unique and distinct, just like the birds in nature.


Size: 14 × 5 cm.

Weight: 43 grams.


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