Plush birds


Children love these Wild Republic plush birds. They are adorable and give off sound when pressed on the stomach. 

Jay (with sound)(28)13,49 £
Peregrine Falcon (with sound)(46)11,49 £ - 2,00 £13,49 £
Robin (with sound)(84)13,49 £

The plush bird makes the sound that the bird actually says. It is an authentic sound, recorded in nature. Therefore, the plush birds are an excellent way to learn the most common bird voices. Give a plush bird as a gift or use it in the teaching of children. According to the manufacturer, the battery in the plush bird lasts about 2 years and the polyester material is cleaned with a damp warm cloth.

The birds are made in collaboration with the RSPB - the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - which is the largest English bird protection organization. The real bird sounds in the plush birds are provided by CEBA - Center Bioacoustique Alpin. The manufacturer Wild Republic complies with all requirements for safe children's products.



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