Wooden birds


Here you see our large selection of wooden birds from the Swedish Wildlife The series of wooden birds is called "DecoBird" and comes in a nice gift box that also contains an informative pamphlet about the species. Read more about the series of wooden birds.

Blackbird (wood)(110)22,99 £
Blackcap (wood)(2)17,99 £ - 2,00 £19,99 £
Blue Tit (wood)(71)19,99 £
Bluethroat (wood)(15)19,99 £
Brambling (wood)(1)19,99 £
Bullfinch (wood)(104)22,99 £
Chaffinch (wood)(35)19,99 £
Coot (wood)(37)48,99 £
Crested Tit (wood)(25)19,99 £
Dunnock (wood)(31)19,99 £
Eider (wood)(18)48,99 £
Goldcrest (wood)(20)19,99 £
Goldfinch (wood)(28)19,99 £
Great Tit (wood)(14)19,99 £
Greenfinch (wood)(42)19,99 £
Hawfinch (wood)(2)22,99 £
Hoopoe (wood)(25)48,99 £
Jackdaw (wood)(20)48,99 £
Jay (wood)(30)48,99 £
Kestrel (wood)(28)54,99 £
Kingfisher (wood)(69)22,99 £
Linnet (wood)(32)19,99 £
Little Owl (wood)(30)48,99 £
Magpie (wood)(28)48,99 £
Marsh Tit (wood)(1)19,99 £
Merlin (wood)(19)54,99 £
Nightingale (wood)(30)19,99 £
Peregrine Falcon (wood)(18)82,99 £ - 7,00 £89,99 £
Redpoll (wood)(24)19,99 £
Redstart (wood)(20)19,99 £
Robin (wood)(64)19,99 £
Siskin (wood)(1)17,99 £ - 2,00 £19,99 £
Starling (wood)(21)22,99 £
Wagtail (wood)(34)17,99 £ - 2,00 £19,99 £
Wood-Pigeon (wood)(24)69,99 £
Wren (wood)(15)19,99 £

Unique and expressive wooden birds

All wooden birds are produced in Manchuria in northeastern China; an area with a strong tradition of woodworking. With great precision, the outline of each wooden bird is carved and the details of the bird are cut out. Of course, this is a job that requires a great deal of experience and skills. When the cutting work is over, the wooden bird is passed on to the decorator, who with colors and brush strokes makes the bird both lively and lifelike. The decorator paints the lime tree with environmentally friendly and weather-resistant paint, which enables the wooden bird to last for many years. At the bottom of this page you can see photos of the impressive process that transforms a piece of wood into a wren.


Large selection of wooden birds

We carry a wide selection of wooden birds in our webshop. We carry species that you can meet in the nature - such as blackbird, chaffinch and great tit. Just as the birds in nature are unique and individual, so are our wooden birds unique. The small differences from bird to bird make them even more realistic. There is great consistency in the fabrication, but these are unique hand-carved wooden birds, so there will be variations in the small details.


Give a wooden bird as a gift. Maybe to yourself?

The wooden birds are an obvious gift idea, but they may be difficult to give away. So when you buy a wooden bird as a gift, maybe it is a good idea to buy an extra for yourself? They decorate and can be placed anywhere in the home. Maybe on a shelf, in the windowsill or on the desk. It is a good idea to place the wooden bird on a small clump of adhesive gum so that the bird stands firmly on the ground.

Many children have a favorite bird in the garden. They will be delighted to have their very own wooden bird, which is similar to the bird they look at every day through the window. Each DecoBird wooden bird comes with a small informative pamphlet describing the bird, its food and its habitat.


A wren is hatched

Here you can see how a wooden wren is produced.


All wooden birds start as a piece of lime tree:


The perimeter of the bird is cut:


With great precision, details are carved and the bird takes shape:


The last details are carved:


The decorator makes the bird lively and lifelike:


The finished wooden bird:





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