Greenfinch (wood)

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A life-like wooden bird that is carved and painted by hand. All of the birds are carved from linden wood and painted with eco-friendly paints. Can be placed indoors or outdoors. It comes in a display box with a window and every bird comes with an informative booklet about the species.

Read more about the production of wooden birds.


Packaging: Display carton with window
Weight:: 61 g
Size: 136 x 48 x 96 (1:1)
Material: Hand carved wood, non-toxic paints
Other: Informative booklet with facts about the bird is included

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Blackbird (wood)(109)21,49 £
Blackcap (wood)(2)18,99 £
Blue Tit (wood)(70)18,99 £
Bluethroat (wood)(15)18,99 £
Brambling (wood)(1)18,99 £
Budgerigar (wood)(26)21,49 £
Bullfinch (wood)(104)21,49 £
Chaffinch (wood)(35)18,99 £
Coot (wood)(35)48,99 £
Crested Tit (wood)(25)18,99 £
Dunnock (wood)(31)15,99 £ - 3,00 £18,99 £
Eider (wood)(18)48,99 £
Goldcrest (wood)(20)18,99 £
Goldfinch (wood)(27)18,99 £
Great Tit (wood)(13)18,99 £
Greenfinch (wood)(42)18,99 £
Hawfinch (wood)(1)21,49 £
Hoopoe (wood)(25)48,99 £
Jackdaw (wood)(17)48,99 £
Jay (wood)(30)48,99 £
Kestrel (wood)(28)55,99 £
Kingfisher (wood)(69)21,49 £
Linnet (wood)(32)18,99 £
Little Owl (wood)(30)48,99 £
Magpie (wood)(27)48,99 £
Marsh Tit (wood)(1)18,99 £
Merlin (wood)(19)55,99 £
Nightingale (wood)(30)18,99 £
Redpoll (wood)(24)18,99 £
Redstart (wood)(20)18,99 £
Robin (wood)(63)18,99 £
Siskin (wood)(1)18,99 £
Starling (wood)(21)21,49 £
Wagtail (wood)(34)18,99 £
Wood-Pigeon (wood)(20)71,99 £
Wren (wood)(15)18,99 £
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